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We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to get in touch with our officers or directors if you have any questions or would like to help out!


Chair – Joel Trandell, Bluegrass Roller Service (

Vice Chair – Charles Lenk, Laur Silicone, Inc. (

Secretary – Sandi Swindler, Bluegrass Roller Service (

Treasurer – Jason Huff, ChemRep, Inc. (

Liaison to the Steering committee of the Rubber Division, ACS – Jim Eddy, Zeon Chemicals (


Education – Jacob Adelowo, BOGE Rubber & Plastics USA, LLC (

Golf – Scott Legleu, R.D. Abbott Company, Inc. (

Events – Scott Lytle, ITW Fluids (

Membership – Krista Toutant, R.D. Abbott Company, Inc. (

Publicity/Webmaster – Jessica Petras, ChemRep, Inc. (